How To Learn Japanese
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How To Learn Japanese?

First of all let’s determine the factors that should urge every Japanese leaner on to study

1. Wish
2. Necessity
3. Computer
4. Literature
5. Teacher


You should start the appropriate literature forming with dictionaries. Japanese script is hieroglyphs. You should have at least one hieroglyphic dictionary. It’s better to buy something Japanese. Then you are to go to the shop and buy some good textbooks. 

Language Structure

Japanese like any language consists of grammar, vocabulary, hieroglyphic and oral speech. The first two points are not more difficult than those in the other languages. Hieroglyphic is more complicated but easier than the Chinese one. As for the oral speech you needn’t to go to Japan to get it. Just don’t be afraid and don’t brush it aside. Start learning it word by word day by day and finally you will have a so called dictionary in your head that you will manage to use anytime you need.


Many ask if they need a teacher to study Japanese. Well, one can learn it himself but remember that the way of the individual language learning is the primrose path but the trier will overcome any barrier if he holds his ground. 

How to learn

It’s better to study the language for some 20 or 30 minutes a day but every day. This formula is a grain of mustard seed. You should study Japanese a little daily: learn a hieroglyph, turn over the pages of a book about Japan, read a chapter of your textbook, burrow in dictionaries, write a letter to your Japanese friend, translate his letter, surf on the Japanese Internet pages and so on. 30 minutes a day is not much but 30 minutes daily is infinitely many. If you want to pay more attention to the language try to study for 20 minutes in the evening and for 20 minutes in the morning or you can study it for 40 minutes in the afternoon when 10 of them you will be taking a shower. The choice is yours. But don’t be over diligent with time. Training for some minutes daily will make you insatiable and you will feel your craving for knowledge while the hard three-hour work may influence on your language studding desire. 
Well, practicing Japanese with the native speakers is really cool. But there are often no possibilities to listen to Japanese speech especially when you learn the language yourself. Just try to speak as it’s written in your textbook, then listen to Japanese songs, watch Japanese cartoons. Thus, your speech will correct itself. 
And finally, don’t rush! Try to concentrate on quality not quantity. 

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